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Jezarian Racing Welcomes Big Sid’s Vincati as a Sponsor

October 22, 2009 by  
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big-sid-bookMatthew Biberman, author of the bestselling memoir Big Sid’s Vincati, is now a sponsor of G. Jezarian Racing.

As passionate a motorcyclist as he is an automotive racer, Jezarian felt an immediate connection to Matthew while reading Biberman’s book. Big Sid’s Vincati tells how he and his father learned to reconnect by building together one now legendary custom motorcycle: the “Vincati”. As Jezarian explains, “While reading Matthew’s story, I kept recalling my own relationship with my father, and by the time I had put the book down, I knew I had to reach out to him.”

The two men met shortly after Biberman taped a promotional video with Jay Leno that was shot out in Burbank. The experience had made Biberman realize that he needed to a way to introduce more car enthusiasts to the story of Big Sid’s Vincati. Matthew explains, “Like Greg, I too was struck by our shared experiences. Growing up around cars and bikes really can forge strong bonds between fathers and sons, bonds that are so strong they can draw people together and make them friends. Thanks to this connection, I saw immediately that the opportunity to support Jezarian Racing was one I could not pass up and was delighted to learn that Greg felt the same way about my book.”

The son of Big Sid, a legendary motorcycle tuner, Matthew Biberman has enjoyed immediate success with Big Sid’s Vincati. Stanley Fish, perhaps America’s leading literary critic, lauded the book in his New York Times blog, favorably comparing it to the now classic Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. The American Motorcyle Association awarded the Vincati Best Modern Café Racer at its annual Vintage Days show, where the Bibermans were featured speakers. Among many other awards and appearances, Biberman especially prizes the opportunity to have the Vincati displayed at the 2009 Pebble Beach Car Show and at the Barber Motorsports Museum during its 2009 Fall Fest. In addition to Leno, Barber and Fish, Biberman has received praise from rock legend Mark Knopfler who called Big Sid’s Vincati “a classic.”

Jezarian’s own racing success makes for a good match. In his first outing since outfitting his Formula Atlantic car with the Big Sid’s Vincati logos, Jezarian finished second and won the Optimum Battery’s hard charging Award. The upcoming 2009 season promises to be a memorable one, with Biberman and the Vincati scheduled to make appearances at VIR, Summit Point and Mid Ohio.


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